President's Advisory Council

总裁咨询委员会(PAC)由公司领导组成, academic, and not-for-profit sectors.

The Council's overarching directive is to offer insights into how educational institutions should respond to long term trends in the health science and health care industries. The group meets twice per year.

Harvey M. Arbit, PharmD, MBA
Harvey M. Arbit, '70 Pharm.D., M.B.A.

Harvey Arbit has more than 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry spanning the areas of regulatory affairs, clinical research, quality control, and product development. Dr. Arbit is the founder of, and consulting partner for, Arbit Consulting, LLC, 为行业提供监管策略和支持, academia, 以及研究者发起的临床研究.

Nancy Barbour, '86 Ph.D.
Nancy Barbour, '86 Ph.D.

Nancy Barbour是药品科学高级副总裁 & Technology at Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS). In this role, she is responsible for global product and process development for the entire pipeline of small molecules, biological compounds, and devices. Dr. Barbour joined BMS in 1991 after receiving her B.S. in pharmacy from ACPHS and Ph.D. 在堪萨斯大学获得药物化学学位.

Rebecca Blanchard, Ph.D.
Rebecca Blanchard, '90 Ph.D.

丽贝卡·布兰查德(Rebecca Blanchard)是CRISPR Therapeutics实验医学副总裁. Prior to joining CRISPR, Dr. Blanchard was the head of Clinical Pharmacogenomics within the Human Genetics and Pharmacogenomics department at Merck. 她在学术界和工业界的职业生涯跨越了临床前阶段, translational, 以及跨多个治疗领域的临床开发.

Robert A. Blum, PHARM.D.

Robert Blum于2001年共同创立了Buffalo临床研究中心有限责任公司(BCRC). BCRC is a state-of-art Phase I research facility assisting pharmaceutical companies with early phase drug development. BCRC从事广泛的研究活动,包括“首次入人”安全性, 耐受性和药代动力学/药效学研究, bioavailability/ bioequivalence, drug interaction, gender-and food-effect studies.

Machaon Bonafede, PH.D., M.P.H.
Machaon Bonafede, PH.D., M.P.H.

Mac Bonafede is Veradigm,一家Allscripts公司的研究咨询副总裁. He has extensive experience in the areas of healthcare research, education, and consulting. Before joining Truven Health, Dr. 博纳菲德曾在奥尔巴尼药学与健康科学学院任职, 他在那里教授研究和统计方法的课程, total quality management, and evidence-based medicine.

David J. Carpenter, M.S., Pharm.D.
David J. Carpenter, '81 M.S., PHARM.D.

David Carpenter is Executive Director, Clinical Research, at Evecxia Therapeutics, 这是一家私人资助的临床阶段制药公司,总部位于三角研究园区, NC. Evecxia’s mission is to develop and commercialize novel products to treat patients suffering from common, disabling and costly neuropsychiatric conditions in which current therapies are often suboptimal in order to help those suffering from mental illness lead fuller, more meaningful lives. Dr. Carpenter此前曾在GSK担任药物开发的高级领导职务, Sanofi, Dart Neuroscience and Roivant Sciences.

Christopher Conway, B.S.
Christopher Conway, B.S.

Christopher Conway is President at Curia Global (previously Albany Molecular Research, Inc.). Prior to joining Curia, Mr. Conway曾在Johnson担任销售、营销和领导职务 & Johnson, where he completed J&J的领导力发展计划,并获得了约翰逊 & 约翰逊全球领导力标准奖和全球创新奖.



Joseph A. Cordaro, '90 PHARM.D., M.B.A.

As the Vice President, Market Access, Incyte Corporation的分销和患者访问服务, Joseph Cordaro is responsible for leading commercial functions and field teams responsible for Payer National Accounts, Strategic Accounts, Distribution, Patient Access Services, 以及当前和未来产品的渠道营销. Prior to joining Incyte, Dr. Cordaro曾在阿斯利康担任领导职务, Roche Pharmaceuticals, and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation.

Chris Dadas, '01 PHARM.D.

Chris Dadas is the Vice President, Global Head Medical Affairs Vice President, 艾格尔生物制药的全球医疗事务主管, Inc. His work fully integrates medical communications from many internal and external stakeholders, 推动企业研究战略和科学方向. Prior to his current position, Dr. 他曾在AbbieVie和Allergan, Inc .担任多种职务.

Emanuel (Manny) J. Diliberto, Jr. 
Emanuel (Manny) J. Diliberto, Jr., '67 Ph.D. 

Dr. diiliberto拥有超过44年的学术、制药行业和政府R&D experience. 他过去的职位包括担任教授 & Chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences and Group Leader in the Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Section in the Pharmacology Division at Burroughs Wellcome Co.

Chris Di Lascia, Pharm.D.
Chris Di Lascia, '83 Pharm.D.

Chris Di Lascia is the President, CEO, and co-founder of Transition Patient Services (TPS). He was previously employed with Aventis Pharmaceuticals where he held the position of Global Marketing Director for Lovenox. He began his pharmaceutical industry career as a Hospital Sales Representative with Eli Lilly and Company before leaving to join Schering-Plough as a Managed Care and Government Affairs Manager.

Clayton D. Edwards, '90 R.PH., M.B.A.

Clayton Edwards is Chief Operating Officer at AllianceRx Walgreens Prime where he leads the organization’s enterprise operations comprised of nearly 80% of the work force. Operations include specialty and home delivery operations​; business innovation and advanced therapies; facilities management, logistics and engineering​; service delivery and ops excellence​; plus, operations planning and execution.

Sharokh (Seve) Falati, PH.D., ESQ.

Seve Falati is a registered patent attorney and Managing Partner of Albany-based FALATI Intellectual Property Law & Management Consultancy firm, where he leads a group of seven intellectual property law attorneys. His clients include U.S. 以及对新兴技术感兴趣的外国实体. In addition to his law degree, he has a Ph.D. in Pharmacology and completed a three-year Postdoctoral Fellowship at Harvard Medical School / Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Jaclyn Grimaldi, Pharm.D., M.S.
Jaclyn Grimaldi, '12 Pharm.D., M.S.

After earning both her Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) and M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from ACPHS, Jaclyn began working at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals in 2012 and currently serves in the role of Associate Director, CMC Project Management. 她之前在Regeneron担任的职位包括高级制造工艺 & 技术助理和副经理,技术转让.


Frank L. Grosso, '74 B.S. PHARM., R.PH.

Frank Grosso is the ActualMeds Corporation公司发展执行副总裁. 他有35年的长期护理药房经验, 包括担任Genesis Healthcare的药房服务副总裁, a long term care provider. His responsibilities at Genesis included oversight of the operational and contracted pharmacy services for 411 Nursing Centers and Assisted Living Communities. 

Marylee Grosso, '74 B.S. PHARM., R.PH.

Marylee Grosso is Managing Partner, HealthCare Consults, LLC, an independent consulting company that addresses the challenges faced by post-acute care providers, vendors, and professional organizations in a rapidly changing regulatory and reimbursement environment. Prior to her current role, 她曾担任Genesis Healthcare的临床运营公司高级总监, overseeing the clinical pharmacy practice standards of the Nursing and Medical Affairs Departments in over 500 centers. 

Stephen Hulse, B.S. Pharm.
Stephen Hulse, '81 B.S. Pharm.

Stephen Hulse is the Senior Director, Healthcare Market at Genentech, 世界领先的生物技术公司之一. 他在制药行业拥有25年以上的经验, 包括丰富的地区管理经验, regional, and national levels. 他是几个主要品牌特许经营权的经验丰富的营销人员, including international strategic development, and domestic business development initiatives.

David A. Kvancz, ’79 R.PH., M.S., FASHP
David A. Kvancz, ’79 R.PH., M.S., FASHP

David Kvancz is Senior Vice President, Strategic Client Relationships at Visante, 一家专注于药物使用和系统优化的医疗保健咨询公司. Before joining Visante, Mr. Kvancz served as Vice President of National Pharmacy Programs and Services for Kaiser Permanente and, prior to that experience, 他是克利夫兰诊所卫生系统的首席药房官.

Shawn Leland '08 PharmD
Shawn Leland '08 PharmD

Shawn Leland是Elevation Oncology的创始人兼首席执行官, which was formed in 2019 and went public in 2021. Shawn brings over a decade of experience in medical affairs and business development for the pharmaceutical/biotech industry. Shawn has been involved in global transactions totaling more than $450 million in upfront payments and milestone payments at Eli Lilly, ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Argos Therapeutics and Verastem Oncology. He holds a PharmD from ACPHS and completed an industry fellowship with Bristol Myers Squibb through Rutgers.


Stephen McCormack对医疗产品的开发充满热情, technologies, and services that address unmet medical needs. 他目前担任Exela LLC的管理普通合伙人. 他的科学贡献和专利包括将药物输送到眼睛, medical devices for the treatment of tinnitus, and diagnostic tests for cervical cancer.

Adeka McIntosh, MD
Adeka McIntosh, '96 MD

Adeka McIntosh, MD, is a board certified Radiologist with Radiology Associates of North Texas.  他在休斯顿的贝勒医学院完成了他的医学培训, 然后在住院医师项目中待了几年, first at the University of Michigan, and then at the University of Minnesota.  他的实习重点是普通外科和诊断放射学.

他在费城儿童医院完成了一项研究.  There, his sub-specialties were pediatric radiology and pediatric interventional radiology.

Nancy Phillips, ’74 B.S.  Pharm
Nancy Phillips, ’74 B.S. Pharm

Nancy Phillips, ’74 B.S.  Pharm是Phillips Gilmore肿瘤学通讯公司的创始人兼首席执行官, 这是一家成立27年的费城全球医疗通讯公司, specializing in oncology, hematology, and biotechnology. Upon graduating from Albany College of Pharmacy, 南希成为肿瘤药学专业的创始者之一, 在锡拉丘兹的纽约州立大学北部医疗中心工作了十年.

Ernesto Samuel, Rph, MBA
Ernesto Samuel, Rph, MBA

埃内斯托·塞缪尔在化妆品领域拥有超过35年的全球经验, radiopharmaceutical, and pharmaceutical industries in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. Mr. Samuel曾在Syncor担任高级领导职务, INC; Pharmalogic, LLC and IBA Molecular, INC, spanning areas of operations, quality assurance, and regulatory affairs. Currently, Mr. Samuel is the CEO of Pharmaceutic Labs, a 503B Outsourcing Facility in Albany, 纽约生产无菌和非无菌药物,也是Biomed Innova的首席执行官, an FDA registered laboratory located on the campus of Albany Medical Center (AMC) and is part of AMC’s Biomedical Acceleration and Commercialization Center (BACC). Biomed Innova专门从事新药配方, analytical testing, 临床研究,质量和法规咨询.

Darren Triller, '89, '90 PharmD
Darren Triller, '89, '90 PharmD

达伦·特里勒是抗凝血论坛战略倡议主任, the largest multi-disciplinary member organization of anticoagulation specialists in North America (www.acforum.org). In this role, he has led sequential FDA-funded efforts to define and advance Anticoagulation Stewardship as a national care model. 他最近还主导了一部小说的创作和批准, ashp批准的PGY2药房血栓和止血管理专业住院医师. 他为国家质量措施的发展做出了贡献, 开发了一款抗凝剂围手术期管理应用, 并发表了大量全球十大赌博靠谱的平台药物安全的文章.


Mr. Ullmann brings leadership, experience, and skills as an executive manager with a unique background in both private and public sectors of the health care and wellness industries. He has developed more than 30 start-up companies, and for 16 years served as the Founder, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of a publicly-traded New York-based health management company (Wellcare) which developed and managed six operating HMOs.